ISP spotlight

ISP Spotlight

We think it’s important that you know what your Internet Service Provider does with your data and how they run their companies. ISP Spotlight compares different ISPs so you can make an informed choice about how you and your family get online.

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Easy transparency

Transparency reporting is an important check and balance against government surveillance, but it is not widely done in New Zealand today. We have created easy-to-use transparency reporting templates and guidelines for New Zealand organisations to follow and use in their own work.

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State of the Internet report

This report sets out data about New Zealand's Internet and how New Zealand compares with other countries. This report is a hub for information about the Internet: how it performs, where it is, how we use it and how we can capture more of its potential.

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National Broadband Map

The National Broadband Map allows you to type in any address in New Zealand to find out what Internet connection is available.

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World Internet Project - Internet trends 2007-2015

Since 2007, the World Internet Project New Zealand (WIPNZ) has surveyed New Zealanders every two years to track their usage of the internet and its impact on their lives. This report reviews changes over the period 2007–2015, showing the key trends and investigating how internet usage and its effects vary across major social groupings.

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Keep your messages private

Every message you think you send privately could be read by your service provider, advertisers, and other organisations. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways you can claim your privacy and ensure that your personal messages to family and friends stay private - by using private messaging apps like Whatsapp or Signal.