Plans and reports

Strategic and activity plans

This page contains a set of documents that are the main planning tools for InternetNZ. This includes activity plans for 2015-2016 and a three-year strategic plan for InternetNZ's operational arm and a five-year strategic plan for the whole InternetNZ Group.

Activity and financial reports

This page contains activity reports that set out what we do and compare this with planned activity, and discloses quarterly financial information. The series began in 2015.

Technical research and product and services development reports

This page contains reports on NZRS work related to Technical Research and Product and Services (or business) development. The series began in 2016. 

Chief Executive reports

The Chief Executive provides the InternetNZ Council with a report on operational progress at each Council meeting. These reports provide details about InternetNZ's progress against the Business Plan.

Annual reports

This page houses InternetNZ's annual reports dating back to 2008.