Governance policies register

This page lists our Governance Policies and other formal documents, along with some information about the current state of each. 

This document is current as of August 2016, when it was restructured slightly.

Code Title


PDP Policy development policy 1.1 Nov 16
Council (CNL)
CRF Council Role and Functions 1.2 Nov 16
CRD Councillor Role Descriptions 1.2 Nov 16
ETC Code of Ethics 1.2 Nov 16
COI Conflicts of Interest 1.1 Nov 16
DID Document Information Disclosure Policy  1.1 Nov 16 
Subsidiaries (SUB)
NZF .nz Framework 1.0 Oct 16 
SUB Subsidiaries 1.1 Apr 15
APT Boards appointments and roles 1.2 Apr 15
INF Information Sharing Policy 1.0 Nov 16
Group Policies (GRP)
AST Audit services tender 1.0 Apr 11
PSD Product and Services Development 1.0 May 16
CTR Contracting for councilors and directors 1.0 Oct 11
REM Remuneration for Council and Boards 1.0 Dec 07
PRT Planning and Reporting Timetable 1.2 Nov 16
PLC Planning Cycle 1.2 Nov 16
Financial (FIN)
TSY Treasury 1.0 Nov 16
RES Financial reserves 2.0 Feb 12
INV Funds investment management 1.0 Aug 12
MIS Reporting cases of misappropriation 1.0 Mar 11
Committees (COM)
AUR Audit and risk 1.3 Aug 14
CEO Chief Executive 1.1 Oct 13
GRT Grants 2.2 Aug 14
MAO Māori Engagement 1.2 Dec 15
MEM Membership 1.0 Oct 14
Other (OTH)
DEL Chief Executive delegations 1.0 Feb 10
GRT Grants Policy 3.0 Jul 15
Retired or replaced policies
GRP-BUS Business development - replaced in May 2016 by PSD    

.nz ccTLD documents

Besides the Framework Policy (consultation draft available here, with implementation expected in late 2016), the following documents set out the current framework for the operation of .nz. 

Domain Name Commission

DNCL Operating Agreement

DNCL Register License (amends DNC-OA)

DNCL Statement of Expectations 2016/17

DNCL Statement of Direction and Goals 2016/17


NZRS Operating Agreement

NZRS Register Licence (amends NZRS-OA)

NZRS Statement of Expectations 2016/17

NZRS Statement of Direction and Goals 2016/17

The strategy guiding the development of .nz is available on the strategy page and the Memorandum of Understanding with the NZ Government about the operation of .nz is available as a PDF here.