Activity and financial reports

This page lists our activity plan progress reports. These are prepared every two months and measures progress against the annual activity plan. Also listed here are financial reports, where each quarter we publish the consolidated group accounts as well as the most recent monthly InternetNZ financial report.

Most of this information has appeared in council paper packs, but we wanted to make it easier to find and to make it all available in one place. We welcome your thoughts and feedback as to what else we could usefully add to this page. You may also be interested in looking at the Chief Executive's reports, or at the full sets of council papers provided to each meeting.

Activity plan progress reports

This series of reports began in July 2015.

December 2016 (Q3)

September 2016 (Q2)

June 2016 (Q1)

March 2016 (full year)

January 2016

November 2015

September 2015

July 2015 

Financial reports

Each quarter's consolidated accounts for the InternetNZ group are published here, along with the monthly financial report for InternetNZ with the same end date. This information is published back to December 2014.

September 2016 - Group (.pdf) |InternetNZ (.pdf)

June 2016 - Group (.pdf) | InternetNZ (.pdf)

March 2016 - InternetNZ (.pdf - pre-audited internal report)

December 2015 - Group (.pdf) | InternetNZ (.pdf)

September 2015 - Group (.pdf) | InternetNZ (.pdf)

June 2015 - Group (.pdf) | InternetNZ (.pdf)

March 2015 - Group (.pdf - links to annual accounts) | InternetNZ (.pdf)

December 2014 - Group (.pdf) | InternetNZ (.pdf)