Access to the Internet

Being able to get online is essential to being able to benefit from the Internet. Through fixed and wireless networks, more New Zealanders than ever before are online, and there are a growing set of choices about how to get online.

However, the ‘digital divide’ between those who are online and those who aren’t is widening, even as the number of people without access is falling.

Access to the Internet is an important focus area for us including gaining a good understanding of New Zealand’s digital divides and what we can do to improve our Internet infrastructure.  

Below are the key projects we have been working on under our focus area of ‘access to the Internet.’

Telecommunications access review

We lead discussion in the Telecommunications Act review to ensure a wider range of perspectives are taken into account. We collaborate with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in creating broad discussion forums and to prepare submissions, ideas and contributions to this policy debate.

Network neutrality

Network neutrality means that all data on the Internet should be treated the same. This is closely linked with the idea of an "open Internet" meaning all resources of the Internet should be easily accessible to everyone. We have been putting forward net neutrality issues and concerns in a number of regulatory processes, such as the telecommunications regulation review, and provided input to the Commerce Commission on the potential net neutrality impacts of Sky TV and Vodafone New Zealand merging.

Digital inclusion map - watch this space

To be able to benefit from the Internet, people need to be able to get online. The Internet has become an important part of participating in society and the “digital divide” - between those that have Internet access and those that don’t - is widening. We are committed to understanding digital divides and improving internet infrastructure to make sure that everyone can benefit from the Internet. We are currently working on this project - so watch this space.